Monday, August 31, 2009

The Unforgettable Dream

Special was the day on which you were born
Since a great leader on that day was born
A person who didn’t like many things that took place
And wanted his country to be a better place
As you grew up, your character was growing strong
And you wanted to change everything that was going wrong
You wanted everything to go right
And you wanted the truth to shine out bright
That made people love you more and more
As you were growing older than before
You went deeper into the political life
And that had totally changed your life
From leading a squad in your family's political party
Into creating the only armed christian political party
The love of the people was the thing you always got
And your dream was the thing you never forgot
All the people were happy especially who supported your movement
When they heard the news that your were elected president
They all thought that the dream was going to be true
But they didn’t know what Lebanon would be passing through
And suddenly Lebanon lost the dream
And every person wanted to cry and scream
They all thought that the dream ended
By your death because the dream by you was founded
But the dream didn’t die
And into unknown it didn’t fly
And they were totally wrong
Since the dream kept on getting strong
Even though everything it passed through
There will be a day in which the dream will come true
Since every Lebanese youthful person
Will always love our country Lebanon
At the end, we promise you that your dream will never die
And we will always pass it by
Because from us every person
Wants to live in your country Lebanon

In 17-9-2008
Antoun Boustani

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Great Hero

From Rmeich a great leader was born
And in your blood, the love of your country was thrown
To the Lebanese army your life you gave
And your aim was your country you always wanted to save
Your life in the army wasn’t calm
And in some places you couldn’t rest your palm
You worked so hard to make your name
And your life didn’t stay the same
You decided to change your life
When you chose your wife
And you created your own family
And raised up your three children perfectly
But your family didn’t change the way of your life
Nor altered in the events in your army life
In wars you participated
And according to your conscience you reacted
You brought victory to the army many times
And you didn’t commit war crimes
And your name kept on growing in the Lebanese army
Because of your hard work and success that brought victory
2007 came
And fateh el islam played their game
Trying to defeat the Lebanese army
So that they can be a powerful political party
But you led the Lebanese part
And set plans to overcome the Palestinian part
Your teams had no fear
And you set the goal for them so clear
And that war had some specialty
But you led the army to a wonderful victory
And the south was set free and pride filled the sky
And due to that victory your name rose up so high
But some people were scared of you
And didn’t know what they can do
They decided to remove you
And that would be through assassinating you
On 12/12/2007, an explosion took place
And smoke filled up the space
But sadness was wore on
Since you were assassinated while the sun was turning on
On that day, your children lost their father
While Lebanon lost a great leader
A great hero died
And the Lebanese people cried
During your life, you fought bravely to keep Lebanon in peace
At last may God rest you in peace
In 23-11-2008
Antoun Boustani

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Everyday we meet many faces
And some of them leave in us traces
We get to know them more
And friends we become with them all
In us some of them
Leave special mark
And make us discover in them
The side which is dark
With some of them
We become best friends
And with the rest of them
We just stay ordinary friends
Those best friends enter our heart
And we never think of putting our friendship apart
And then troubles cam
And fights would have a special aim
Either to put our friendship apart
Or tighten us more and we be in each others heart
Best friends are always there for us
And try to ease our hard times
And they always try to help us
And make us have better times
They change us in a special way
Removing our bad qualities away
They help us to be
The best we can
Leaving us free
To choose if we want to be that man
But sometimes love grow more than friends
And they try to be more than best friends
Either they succeed and live in love
Or they are separated apart with no love
Well let me tell you, these people are totally wrong
Because true friendships keep on getting very strong
These friendships will never end
Because these friendships have no end
These friendships don’t have special time
Because they last till the end of time
Friends are treasure
That God give us
So that we won’t be alone for sure
They will be always with us
Friends are God’s gifts
And we can’t ever have more precious gifts
At last, thank You God for all my friends
And I thank you all for being my friends

In 17-2-2008
Antoun Boustani

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Eyes

In our lives, they play an important role
And they affect us in whole
They affect our outer beauty
And they make us enjoy the nature’s beauty
Without them our vision is darker
And our life would be so much harder
They help us a lot
And we always put them to test
Because we need them a lot
And they don’t get enough rest
They are our eyes
That our life glorifies
They are our two stars
That God chose for us from among the other stars
To design our face
And increase the beauty of our face
They have many different colors
That are chosen from the natural colors
Colors increase our eyes beauty
And they gain a person’s sensitivity
Sometimes they are the secret of our beauty
And God has given us those two stars to give us this special beauty
They are the first thing that gains a person’s attention
And of the person’s personality they are a reflection
They attract people to us
And give special look to people who hate us
They have deep secrets in them
Those secrets that are not revealed by them
When we stare at them
We dive deep in
Trying to see in them
Those secrets that are hidden deep in
Sometimes they tell
Things that we cant easily say
Because in a critical case we fell
And no one knows what to say
They would be our messenger
And our message would be no more clearer
They are the most wonderful thing that happened to us in life
And we always appreciate them in our life
Our eyes are our special gift from God
So for our eyes we should all thank our Loving God

In 13-4-2008

By: Antoun Boustani

Our Lips

We use them in different ways
And when we need their help we use them in special ways
We use them in our daily life
And they totally facilitate our life
God created them in different shapes
And always they are found to be perfect mates
When we look at the face
Directly we recognize the lips
That is the only place
From which we can get a kiss
We use them to praise God above
And to show him our appreciation and love
Through them we can say sweet words
That would make another person happy
Through them we can say bad words
That can make a person feel sad or feel guilty
Through them we speak
And we say beautiful words
Through them we sing
Songs composed of wonderful words
We use them to communicate till the end
And they help us in making new friends
We use them to communicate till the end
And they help us in making new friends
Through them we can give a smile
and its reflection on a sad person’s face would be another smile
We use them to say sorry
When we do anything wrong
And we feel so worry
And afraid of losing a friendship that was so strong
We use them to give a kiss
And many meanings would be in that kiss
It can be a kiss
That will say thank you for a friend
Or it might be a kiss
That would take a relationship to the end
Also they would give a kiss on the head above
To show a person your appreciation and love
Sometimes a kiss may have a meaning that you won’t know about
And that meaning would be special to the person who you care about
A kiss on the lip
Would show a person that your love to him is deep
Without our lips
Maybe we would have been like poker chips
So in every second of our life
We should thank God for making our lips a part of our life
And for giving us lips as a precious gift
Since our life would have changed without it

In 19-4-2008
Antoun Boustani


Is it the voice of angels who are like preachers?
Or it is the sound of nature and all of its creatures?
Is music everything?
Or it is just the reflection of some feelings?
Some people describe music as everything
While others see it as the reflection of some feelings
It is some tones
That our ears would love
It is few rhythms
That would make our bodies move from above
It is what hits us deep inside
And directly put us on the right side
If we were partying
Its beats would make our bodies start shaking
If we had bad feeling
Its rhythms would lead us to deeper thinking
When we listen to it
It touches our soul
Then our feelings move with it
And our body dances on it as whole
To some people it is like a friend
And their friendship would never end
To some people it is their lives
And one of the things for which they are alive
And some others fully trust music
Because they won’t ever get betrayed by music
To some people, music is the power they need
To go on through life
It is better than weed
Because it only brings joy and happiness to their life
It is so diverse
And has many different kinds
Just like the universe
And the stars in its different kinds
It is played on many instruments
And every composer produces it different
In it composers put their feelings
So it would directly and purely reflect their feelings
Sometimes it reflects happiness
Sometimes it reflects sadness
And sometimes we use it and we don’t state
To reflect our feelings in its different states
Sometimes it relaxes us down
So we keep listening to it until dawn
It calms a person fast
When he is about to blast
We use it as a way to praise God above
And through its rhythms we show Him our love
At last, Music is God’s gift for us
And it is the one of the power that will always unite us
We all love music
And we can all have it on a compact disk

In 29-2-2008

By: Antoun Boustani

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Ultimate Love

In this world, You are the source of joy
And love in our hearts You employ
You give us strength to overcome our fears
And You defend us if we were attacked by spears
You taught us how to forgive
And to who are in need how we can give
You told us to love each other
And not to be enemies with one another
You taught us to love with no limits at all
And You are always with us trying not to let us fall
You never let us alone
In our life that goes on
Because You always want us to be on Your side
That’s why You always keep us under Your sight
When away from You we seem
Us are the ones who You want to redeem
Because You want to live with us in another world
And through salvation You want to save us from this world
And till this day comes, You will always be the source of Ultimate Love
And You will always guide us from above
In 8-11-2008
Antoun Boustani

Sunday, August 16, 2009

حبي للكتابة

اعطاني الله سر الكتابة
ومن السماء أرسل إلي الملائكة
لكي ترسم على لساني وشم الكلمات
وتضع في قلبي نور المعرفة
وكنت ما كتبت بسنواتي
ويوماً تفاجأت بالكلمات
تدغدغ أناملي وتحثها على الكتابة
وقادتني على نحت موهبتي على ورقتي
وسكب الله على لساني الاحرف والكلمات
وأخذ الحرف يغازل الحرف لتصبح أجمل الأبيات
واليوم أنعم علي الله بسيل من الأحرف والكلمات
وأخذت قلمي ونحت به هذه القصيدة

بقلم انطون بستاني
في ٣١-٧-2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Country

We have a very beautiful nation
Which is a very nice place to live on
This country in which ancient civilization passed by
And they left traces for us to remember that they were nearby
Some of these civilizations wanted to stay here
And they built secured cities so that no one can come near
They loved our country and wanted to live here
But wars took place and they were removed from here
As years passed by, countries kept on putting their occupation on our country
Until the Lebanese people wanted their country to be free
They fought the occupations in every way
And they drove the strangers away
In 1943, our nation was totally free
And our country was like the hive of the bee
Prosperity was our country’s biggest gain
And the star of the Middle East Lebanon was again
But that didn’t last so long
And in 1975, to our country people who didn’t belong
Has caused our country a long war
Which has went so far
And destruction was Lebanon’s gain
And burning its land again
But how did this war end?
After 15 years of fighting, this war reached its end
And again we faced another occupation
And the Syrian army entered to Lebanon
15 years was the period the Syrians stayed
While Lebanon was getting repaired
In everything the Syrians interfered
While the politicians didn’t read
Except their increasing bank accounts
And didn’t take the people’s will into account
Through 15 years, through demonstrations
Some people fought against the Syrian occupation
They were not scared from the Syrian occupation
And many times they were put into prison
While Lebanon was getting rebuilt
And on the shoulders of the Lebanese people there was a huge debt
And days were passing by
And the debt was increasing with every second passing by
And incidents went so fast
And some of them didn’t last
And suddenly 2005 came
And a political figure was the aim
That politician was assassinated
And many innocent people were dead
In a huge explosion
That took place in the heart of Lebanon
And then explosions took place
And they happened on different dates
These explosions hit some cities
As well as some politicians were dead
About the war it reminded these cities
And how were innocent people dead
And parliamentary elections took place
And the people chose who they wanted in the parliament as their face
And Lebanon was divided into two campaigns
And every campaign wanted to have his own aims
And the presidential election came
And the presidential palace became
Empty from the president
And from any other resident
And the two campaigns didn’t have the aim
To fill the emptiness of the presidential palace
And make Lebanon gain
A president who would strongly rule from that palace
And instead of uniting on one side
Each campaign wants to stay on his side
And wants the other campaign to come to him
And accept the solutions that is provided by him
At the end, I ask God for a gift
That is a solution that the two campaigns would go for it
So that we have back our beautiful nation
And the bride of the Middle East would be again Lebanon
And around the world every person with Lebanese roots will have our nationality
And our country Lebanon will have great prosperity
And the Lebanese army will be the only master on this land
And from the enemies with blood we will protect our motherland

In 15-4-2008
Antoun Boustani