Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Eyes

In our lives, they play an important role
And they affect us in whole
They affect our outer beauty
And they make us enjoy the nature’s beauty
Without them our vision is darker
And our life would be so much harder
They help us a lot
And we always put them to test
Because we need them a lot
And they don’t get enough rest
They are our eyes
That our life glorifies
They are our two stars
That God chose for us from among the other stars
To design our face
And increase the beauty of our face
They have many different colors
That are chosen from the natural colors
Colors increase our eyes beauty
And they gain a person’s sensitivity
Sometimes they are the secret of our beauty
And God has given us those two stars to give us this special beauty
They are the first thing that gains a person’s attention
And of the person’s personality they are a reflection
They attract people to us
And give special look to people who hate us
They have deep secrets in them
Those secrets that are not revealed by them
When we stare at them
We dive deep in
Trying to see in them
Those secrets that are hidden deep in
Sometimes they tell
Things that we cant easily say
Because in a critical case we fell
And no one knows what to say
They would be our messenger
And our message would be no more clearer
They are the most wonderful thing that happened to us in life
And we always appreciate them in our life
Our eyes are our special gift from God
So for our eyes we should all thank our Loving God

In 13-4-2008

By: Antoun Boustani

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