Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Lips

We use them in different ways
And when we need their help we use them in special ways
We use them in our daily life
And they totally facilitate our life
God created them in different shapes
And always they are found to be perfect mates
When we look at the face
Directly we recognize the lips
That is the only place
From which we can get a kiss
We use them to praise God above
And to show him our appreciation and love
Through them we can say sweet words
That would make another person happy
Through them we can say bad words
That can make a person feel sad or feel guilty
Through them we speak
And we say beautiful words
Through them we sing
Songs composed of wonderful words
We use them to communicate till the end
And they help us in making new friends
We use them to communicate till the end
And they help us in making new friends
Through them we can give a smile
and its reflection on a sad person’s face would be another smile
We use them to say sorry
When we do anything wrong
And we feel so worry
And afraid of losing a friendship that was so strong
We use them to give a kiss
And many meanings would be in that kiss
It can be a kiss
That will say thank you for a friend
Or it might be a kiss
That would take a relationship to the end
Also they would give a kiss on the head above
To show a person your appreciation and love
Sometimes a kiss may have a meaning that you won’t know about
And that meaning would be special to the person who you care about
A kiss on the lip
Would show a person that your love to him is deep
Without our lips
Maybe we would have been like poker chips
So in every second of our life
We should thank God for making our lips a part of our life
And for giving us lips as a precious gift
Since our life would have changed without it

In 19-4-2008
Antoun Boustani

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