Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Is it the voice of angels who are like preachers?
Or it is the sound of nature and all of its creatures?
Is music everything?
Or it is just the reflection of some feelings?
Some people describe music as everything
While others see it as the reflection of some feelings
It is some tones
That our ears would love
It is few rhythms
That would make our bodies move from above
It is what hits us deep inside
And directly put us on the right side
If we were partying
Its beats would make our bodies start shaking
If we had bad feeling
Its rhythms would lead us to deeper thinking
When we listen to it
It touches our soul
Then our feelings move with it
And our body dances on it as whole
To some people it is like a friend
And their friendship would never end
To some people it is their lives
And one of the things for which they are alive
And some others fully trust music
Because they won’t ever get betrayed by music
To some people, music is the power they need
To go on through life
It is better than weed
Because it only brings joy and happiness to their life
It is so diverse
And has many different kinds
Just like the universe
And the stars in its different kinds
It is played on many instruments
And every composer produces it different
In it composers put their feelings
So it would directly and purely reflect their feelings
Sometimes it reflects happiness
Sometimes it reflects sadness
And sometimes we use it and we don’t state
To reflect our feelings in its different states
Sometimes it relaxes us down
So we keep listening to it until dawn
It calms a person fast
When he is about to blast
We use it as a way to praise God above
And through its rhythms we show Him our love
At last, Music is God’s gift for us
And it is the one of the power that will always unite us
We all love music
And we can all have it on a compact disk

In 29-2-2008

By: Antoun Boustani

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