Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Great Hero

From Rmeich a great leader was born
And in your blood, the love of your country was thrown
To the Lebanese army your life you gave
And your aim was your country you always wanted to save
Your life in the army wasn’t calm
And in some places you couldn’t rest your palm
You worked so hard to make your name
And your life didn’t stay the same
You decided to change your life
When you chose your wife
And you created your own family
And raised up your three children perfectly
But your family didn’t change the way of your life
Nor altered in the events in your army life
In wars you participated
And according to your conscience you reacted
You brought victory to the army many times
And you didn’t commit war crimes
And your name kept on growing in the Lebanese army
Because of your hard work and success that brought victory
2007 came
And fateh el islam played their game
Trying to defeat the Lebanese army
So that they can be a powerful political party
But you led the Lebanese part
And set plans to overcome the Palestinian part
Your teams had no fear
And you set the goal for them so clear
And that war had some specialty
But you led the army to a wonderful victory
And the south was set free and pride filled the sky
And due to that victory your name rose up so high
But some people were scared of you
And didn’t know what they can do
They decided to remove you
And that would be through assassinating you
On 12/12/2007, an explosion took place
And smoke filled up the space
But sadness was wore on
Since you were assassinated while the sun was turning on
On that day, your children lost their father
While Lebanon lost a great leader
A great hero died
And the Lebanese people cried
During your life, you fought bravely to keep Lebanon in peace
At last may God rest you in peace
In 23-11-2008
Antoun Boustani


  1. 12/12/2007 ... he's gone takin a part of my soul wz him ... i miss my uncle sooooo much ...

    God bless u antoun for these words ... may his spirit be wz u and all youth to lead our country to be the lebanon francois dreamed of ... kisses to u

  2. thnks Joanna

    Francois' dream wont ever die and it will stay alive in us

    may he rest in piece