Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Country

We have a very beautiful nation
Which is a very nice place to live on
This country in which ancient civilization passed by
And they left traces for us to remember that they were nearby
Some of these civilizations wanted to stay here
And they built secured cities so that no one can come near
They loved our country and wanted to live here
But wars took place and they were removed from here
As years passed by, countries kept on putting their occupation on our country
Until the Lebanese people wanted their country to be free
They fought the occupations in every way
And they drove the strangers away
In 1943, our nation was totally free
And our country was like the hive of the bee
Prosperity was our country’s biggest gain
And the star of the Middle East Lebanon was again
But that didn’t last so long
And in 1975, to our country people who didn’t belong
Has caused our country a long war
Which has went so far
And destruction was Lebanon’s gain
And burning its land again
But how did this war end?
After 15 years of fighting, this war reached its end
And again we faced another occupation
And the Syrian army entered to Lebanon
15 years was the period the Syrians stayed
While Lebanon was getting repaired
In everything the Syrians interfered
While the politicians didn’t read
Except their increasing bank accounts
And didn’t take the people’s will into account
Through 15 years, through demonstrations
Some people fought against the Syrian occupation
They were not scared from the Syrian occupation
And many times they were put into prison
While Lebanon was getting rebuilt
And on the shoulders of the Lebanese people there was a huge debt
And days were passing by
And the debt was increasing with every second passing by
And incidents went so fast
And some of them didn’t last
And suddenly 2005 came
And a political figure was the aim
That politician was assassinated
And many innocent people were dead
In a huge explosion
That took place in the heart of Lebanon
And then explosions took place
And they happened on different dates
These explosions hit some cities
As well as some politicians were dead
About the war it reminded these cities
And how were innocent people dead
And parliamentary elections took place
And the people chose who they wanted in the parliament as their face
And Lebanon was divided into two campaigns
And every campaign wanted to have his own aims
And the presidential election came
And the presidential palace became
Empty from the president
And from any other resident
And the two campaigns didn’t have the aim
To fill the emptiness of the presidential palace
And make Lebanon gain
A president who would strongly rule from that palace
And instead of uniting on one side
Each campaign wants to stay on his side
And wants the other campaign to come to him
And accept the solutions that is provided by him
At the end, I ask God for a gift
That is a solution that the two campaigns would go for it
So that we have back our beautiful nation
And the bride of the Middle East would be again Lebanon
And around the world every person with Lebanese roots will have our nationality
And our country Lebanon will have great prosperity
And the Lebanese army will be the only master on this land
And from the enemies with blood we will protect our motherland

In 15-4-2008
Antoun Boustani

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