Monday, August 31, 2009

The Unforgettable Dream

Special was the day on which you were born
Since a great leader on that day was born
A person who didn’t like many things that took place
And wanted his country to be a better place
As you grew up, your character was growing strong
And you wanted to change everything that was going wrong
You wanted everything to go right
And you wanted the truth to shine out bright
That made people love you more and more
As you were growing older than before
You went deeper into the political life
And that had totally changed your life
From leading a squad in your family's political party
Into creating the only armed christian political party
The love of the people was the thing you always got
And your dream was the thing you never forgot
All the people were happy especially who supported your movement
When they heard the news that your were elected president
They all thought that the dream was going to be true
But they didn’t know what Lebanon would be passing through
And suddenly Lebanon lost the dream
And every person wanted to cry and scream
They all thought that the dream ended
By your death because the dream by you was founded
But the dream didn’t die
And into unknown it didn’t fly
And they were totally wrong
Since the dream kept on getting strong
Even though everything it passed through
There will be a day in which the dream will come true
Since every Lebanese youthful person
Will always love our country Lebanon
At the end, we promise you that your dream will never die
And we will always pass it by
Because from us every person
Wants to live in your country Lebanon

In 17-9-2008
Antoun Boustani

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