Thursday, August 20, 2009


Everyday we meet many faces
And some of them leave in us traces
We get to know them more
And friends we become with them all
In us some of them
Leave special mark
And make us discover in them
The side which is dark
With some of them
We become best friends
And with the rest of them
We just stay ordinary friends
Those best friends enter our heart
And we never think of putting our friendship apart
And then troubles cam
And fights would have a special aim
Either to put our friendship apart
Or tighten us more and we be in each others heart
Best friends are always there for us
And try to ease our hard times
And they always try to help us
And make us have better times
They change us in a special way
Removing our bad qualities away
They help us to be
The best we can
Leaving us free
To choose if we want to be that man
But sometimes love grow more than friends
And they try to be more than best friends
Either they succeed and live in love
Or they are separated apart with no love
Well let me tell you, these people are totally wrong
Because true friendships keep on getting very strong
These friendships will never end
Because these friendships have no end
These friendships don’t have special time
Because they last till the end of time
Friends are treasure
That God give us
So that we won’t be alone for sure
They will be always with us
Friends are God’s gifts
And we can’t ever have more precious gifts
At last, thank You God for all my friends
And I thank you all for being my friends

In 17-2-2008
Antoun Boustani


  1. speechless (K)
    am i ur friend? :P

  2. akid u r my friend

    y u r speechless

  3. yiiiiiii am speechless w khalas ... mich ma32oul chu 7achour :P
    bcz its wonderful ...