Monday, August 17, 2009

The Ultimate Love

In this world, You are the source of joy
And love in our hearts You employ
You give us strength to overcome our fears
And You defend us if we were attacked by spears
You taught us how to forgive
And to who are in need how we can give
You told us to love each other
And not to be enemies with one another
You taught us to love with no limits at all
And You are always with us trying not to let us fall
You never let us alone
In our life that goes on
Because You always want us to be on Your side
That’s why You always keep us under Your sight
When away from You we seem
Us are the ones who You want to redeem
Because You want to live with us in another world
And through salvation You want to save us from this world
And till this day comes, You will always be the source of Ultimate Love
And You will always guide us from above
In 8-11-2008
Antoun Boustani

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